Tiga Calon Sekretais Daerah Kabupaten Ciamis

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prediksi calon sekretaris daerah kabupaten ciamis - Head of Personnel and Training (BKDD) Kab. Ciamis, Drs. H. Soekiman, said the execution of the fit and properteis candidate for Secretary will be held for one day. "Examiner of the West Java provincial government," he said when contacted HR via cell phone on Tuesday (26/10).

Soekiman explained, after the completion of the fit and properteis, then the results were recommended to the Department of the Interior to be evaluated.

"Later the fit and properteis each candidate is evaluated by the Ministry of Home Affairs Secretary. And the evaluation results are then given to the governor to choose one of them to become Secretary. Because that vote is Governor Secretary, "he explained.

Tiga Calon Sekda - According to the source of HR, although the rules of the policy of choosing Secretary is the Governor, but still there is always the intervention of the regent / mayor of her. Because people who cooperate with the Secretary of the Regent / Mayor. So naturally when the Regent / Mayor is choosing which of three candidates to be elected Secretary.

Ditemuai separately, Regent Ciamis, H. Engkon Komara, say, three candidates currently Regional Secretary was submitted to the Governor is the best bureaucrat owned by Regency Ciamis. "I think they also do well, they are the bureaucrats who are qualified," he said, told journalists on Monday (25/10)

According Engkon, Regional Secretary of the ideal criteria is capable of leading all civil servants and local government can secure policies Ciamis command. It also has a loyalty to the Regent and Vice Regent. "The most important, a Secretary should be able to maintain conduciveness, both internally and in external. Also he is able to communicate with all element, "he said.

Questions candidates for Secretary of APDN and Non-APDN, whether it will be a consideration, Engkon said, educational backgrounds do not become the basis of valuation. That would be a judgment, ie will be measured on kemampunannya, both in the lead or of intellectual and performance.

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Tiga Calon Sekretais Daerah Kabupaten Ciamis

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This article was published on 2010/10/30
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