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CPC Central Committee, vice minister of the Central United Front Work Department, the National Federation of party secretary, the delegation head Quan Zhezhu in the forum, and ask dug Heavy Xu Jian Yuan, chairman talked about the strategic ideas of private enterprise development

Ask digging Heavy Industries, the famous domestic and foreign markets to Heavy crawler crane company, in the context of economic crisis, raised confidence, not reduce people, no pay cut, not cut, look for opportunities in the crisis response by the industry concerned. June 6, 2009 morning China Federation of Industry delegation to Heavy digging ask to inspect and survey work.

Mission and Fushun Municipal Party Committee Secretary Liu Qiang and Xu Jian Yuan Fu, chairman of digging Heavy exchanges

6 6 on the morning of the CPC Central Committee, vice minister of the Central United Front Work Department, China Federation of Industry delegation led by party secretary Quan Zhezhu to ask to inspect and work digging Heavy research, team officials associated with the leadership of the National Federation of Industry Zhaode Jiang, Wang Hongwu, LI Fei, etc.. Accompany the delegation to come to the province, city leaders are: Deputy secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Committee, Provincial Minister of Magnolia United Front Work Department, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry plant, the Provincial Deputy Minister of United Front Work Department, the Provincial Federation of party secretary Wang Libin Provincial Industry and Commerce Deputy Party Secretary of arms forever, and Fushun Liu Qiang, deputy secretary of the Yu Guowei, Party Secretary-General Yuan Fang, Zhao Letao Party United Front Work Department, Municipal Federation of Industry related party secretary Li Ping, City Industry and Commerce Chairman Gao Song and so on. Deputy General Manager Zhou Zhibin

Expedition introduced to the development of the company in recent years
Xu Jian Yuan, chairman, executive vice president Zhou Zhibin, accompanied the delegation to attend seminars and visit the factory.

The forum, all the staff of the delegation watched a corporate video, then the specific number of weeks with a brief general statement of the business development dug ask Track Trace, then chairman of the board ask questions about the guests dug in recent years, especially in the world Financial How the performance after the crisis, how to deal with, made a comprehensive, systematic and objective answer to the Quan Zhezhu corporate secretary, introduced the macro strategic development plan.

China Federation of Industry in the party secretary Quan Zhezhu listened to the report, the company made some suggestions on the development of

Unusually forum opened 1 hour 18 minutes, Quan Zhezhu secretary summed up his own business in 27 provinces of the research, especially on the sustainable development of private enterprises a lot of experience. He asked in the forum ask dug in the diversified development of heavy industry in the process of forecasting the market to establish early warning mechanism, the distant strategic vision, focusing on strategic planning, strengthening the capacity of risk aversion. Cultivate corporate culture, improving staff quality, full utilization of human resources, improve the structure of intelligence within the enterprise to enable enterprises to cope with market risks in using well known transformation, strain, changeable tactics of the enterprise invincible land. I also hope that, ask dug Heavy in reform and opening on the road constantly emancipating the mind, in the near future, become a world-renowned private multi-national corporations.
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China Federation Of Industry Delegation Visit Dug Heavy Ask - Ask Dug Heavy Industries, Crane -

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